New Year Encouragement

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We search the scriptures to determine what God has in store for us in 2019.  We will see the proof there that God will provide for His people.  The “world” claims that life is uncertain and unpredictable and that we should grasp for anything even if it is trivial and be satisfied with that.  Mediocrity….  In this mini series, Pastor Derow outlines 6 points that we can dwell on that assure us that God is in control and holds our “New Year” and those to come.  Our job is to believe on Him and read His word.
1.  Anticipate with certainty, God’s grace.  He will never leave us or forsake us.
2.  Anticipate God’s goodness and blessings will continue.
3.  Anticipate God’s continued guidance.
4.  Anticipate God speaking to us through His word.
5.  Anticipate God governing as He always has.
6.  Anticipate God’s glory in that He will come again.
Our Scripture for this series was Matthew 16: 1-16.  Jesus tells the Pharisees that they are kinda dumb.  They can watch the sky and predict the weather but they couldn’t interpret the scriptures and connect the pieces that pertained to Christ.  They were looking for a big sign but Jesus told them there was only one sign in the story of Jonah and that they were wicked and unbelieving.
In verse 15 Jesus asks his disciples, “who do you think I am?”  All these points hinge on your answer to Jesus’ question.  If answered correctly it reveals our heart and understanding of God and it makes our future clear and hopeful.  When Peter answered, “Your are the Christ!”  Jesus told him that the truth was revealed to him (Peter) not by his own wisdom but by the Holy Spirit of God alone.  It is the power of the Holy Spirit working in all of us.  All of this is meant to encourage and assure and we are left to focus on one thing this year which is a closer and dearer relationship with God and with each other.