The History of FBC Leduc

Taken from the history book “First Baptist Church – Our Pilgrimage of Faith  1894-1994”
“Our fore-bearers labored and sacrificed to build this historic church.  They were men and women of sublime courage, fortitude and capacity for sacrifice that characterized every immigrant of every period of history.  This generation owes them a debt we can never repay.  At best we can only pay reverent tribute to their memory and prove ourselves worthy of the heritage we have received, and which they achieved at such tremendous cost.  These pioneers possessed an iron will and an indomitable spirit, endurance, a statesmanlike vision and a prophetic spirit.  They were evangelistic and missionary minded.  They indeed laid the foundation for this church.  Theirs was a “Pilgrimage of Faith” “

The first church in about 1905

In 1892 Reverend F.A. Mueller and his family together with immigrants from Wolhynia, Russia settled the area known as Fredericksheim east of Leduc and started the First Baptist Church of Leduc.  The original 31 families that came were of the names; Bienert, Schalin, Falkenberg, Mogdans, Benke, Belter, Jack, Mattis, Hiller, Zielke, Hammer, Kuhnert, Muth, Froehlich, Roth, Klatt, Redmann, Grunwald, Holland, Klukas, Jaeger, Friedrich and Timm.  These settlers faced starvation and hard work but their faith and determination would see them through.  Rev. Mueller served until 1900 when Rev. G. Schunke served from 1900 to 1904.  Rev. Mueller served again from 1904 to 1910.  A continuing list of the historical Pastors can be seen in pictures at First Baptist Church.




Highlights from our 125 Celebration: